It is to be regretted that, notwithstanding what has occurred, there are parlies still ready to incur the responsibility of keeping alive for electioneering purposes the irritation of feeling between Catholics and Protestants, by such placards as the following, which has been posted within the last three days, and contains in direct terms an approval of the disgraceful outrages of last week ;

To the Protestant electors of the Borough of Stockport

Brother Protestants and electors, — On Friday next you will be called upon to select two candidates to represent you in Parliament. Before the time comes I wish to draw your attention to Mr. J. B. Smith’s votes in the House of Commons.

You are, perhaps, aware that be was the MP. for the Stirling burghs [sic], but in consequence of such votes he has received notice to quit, and, consequently, haa resolved to try his fortune here. Are yon aware, that daring the last two sessions of Parliament (in fact, ever since the Pope’s bull, setting our beloved Queen on one side), he has not only done all that lay in his power to to injure the Protestant cause, but has done all to assist the Papists in obstructing the progress of the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill and the inquiry into the Maynooth grant? Do not take my word for it, but make a little inquiry, and you will find it to be so. Are we to be ridden roughshod over by a pack of blood thirsty Papists, and vote for the man that encourages them? No! After the sample of the “British lion” displayed the other night I am persuaded your hearts are in the right place. Let Father Frith recommend him to some place in Connaught, where they will Jump at him. Do not let us disgrace ourselves by sending him. These are not the times to mince matters. Who knows what there is brewing at the present time? Let us send tried men. Let us rally round Mr. Heald and Mr. Kershaw, who have both voted in direct opposition to the motley Socinian, Papist, Anythingarian, and send him to the right about.

I am, brother electors, yours respectfully,

A Protestant.

Stockport, July 9.

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The Riot at Stockport” The Illustrated London News 21 (10 July 1852): 28-30. Hathi Trust Digital Library version of a copy in the University of Michigan Library. Web. 17 December 2015. The text above to which paragraph has been added for ease of reading was created from the web version with ABBYY FineReader. — George P. Landow

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