Ray Dyer, PhD, B.Ed., M.Phil.(psychol.), worked in Primary Schools and hospitals. In 1988, whilst employed at the Leeds General Infirmary, he was able to work on placement at the "local Bedlam," viz. High Royds Mental Hospital, Menston, West Yorkshire, when he worked in close contact with various patients sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and assisted various psychiatrists with treatment regimes. His wider interests in Chemical and Bacteriology Timelines and workers stem from his early work in a Medical Research Council laboratory in the 1960s.

Having encountered the works of Lewis Carroll late in life, he then turned such multifarious analytical skills as he then possessed, to the undoubted problems of disguise, deliberation and disinformation which that author scatters so cleverly amongst his often unsuspecting and uncomprehending readers. The result of those labours was a three-volume Series of "prodigiously annotated" books on Lewis Carroll's late-life and somewhat neglected Sylvie and Bruno stories of 1889 and 1893 (Sylvie and Bruno with Sylvie and Bruno Concluded. Annotated Scholar's Edition. 3 vols. Leicester: Troubador-Matador, 2015, 2016 — Volume 3 of the series being Lady Muriel, the knowledgeable heroine of Carroll's cleverly hidden social romance novel, interspersed with the many pages of the children's Victorian fairy story).

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