Copyright really matters: make sure the images you use are out of copyright or that you have permission to use them. Authors and those who send in images are responsible for ensuring that our putting them online does not violate copyright law. In other words, you must (a) own the copyright on the image yourself, (b) have personally obtained permission to place it online from the owner of copyright, or (c) made sure that the owner of copyright — usually a museum, commercial gallery, or private owner — has explicitly granted Creative Commons permissions for non-commercial use. The Victorian Web is based in the United States, and we follow American copyright law, which like that in many other countries defines copyright on books and images differently. Just because an image appears on Wikipedia or its subsidiary sites does NOT mean it is out of copyright and you can use it. Those wishing to use images must check with the owner of the work in question. ArtUK and sites of individual museums provide information on using images of their works. When in doubt ask us.

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Created 20 October 2021