Best known as Dante Gabriel Rossetti's studio assistant, Henry Treffry Dunn (1838–1899) was born in Truro and at first worked as a bank clerk before setting out on a more congenial profession, as an artist. Once he encountered Rossetti, his life's course was set: he became his assistant at the house on Cheyne Walk, where he was fortunate enough

to meet on terms of intimacy those men of distinction the record of whose achievements constitutes the history of Poetry, Art, and Letters in the nineteenth century whom Rossetti collected around him, and to be constantly present at those frequent and prolonged meetings in the dimly-lit studio at Cheyne Walk, which were famous for their intellectual charm and brilliancy. [Pedrick 9-10]

Dunn himself was a gifted painter, but he is probably most valued for his memoirs, which shed useful light on Rossetti himself and on the whole Pre-Raphaelite circle. — Jacqueline Banerjee



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