When Hops are Housed and Gardens Bare

When Hops are Housed and Gardens Bare by Maud Naftel, ARWS, 1856-1890. Water-colour and bodycolour, 23 1/4 x 35 1/2 inches; signed and dated 1888; labelled verso. Exhibited: Royal society of Painters in Water-colours, 1889, no. 150.

Commentary by Rupert Maas

Maud Naftel came from a well-known family of artists. Born in Guernsey, she moved with her family to London in 1870. Women artists at this time aften found it difficult to gain proper training, the leading art schools aeing men-only. Naftel was able to study in Paris, with the support of her family, and also at the Slade, the first British art school to allow women to study art on equal terms with men by giving them access to the life model. She exhibited extensively, and published a book, Flowers and How to Paint Them in 1891. [81]


Catalogue [of June 2008 Exhibition]. London: The Maas Gallery, 2008. Catalogue no. 78

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