Interior of the Chapel of the Ascension

Interior of the Chapel

Frederic Shields

Chapel of the Ascension

Bayswater Road, not far from the Marble Arch, fronting Hyde Park

Source: “The Chapel of the Ascension and Mr. Frederic Shields” in the 1902 Art Journal

“Enter the little chapel, of which just such another does not exist in the whole world, and you will indeed be rewarded.

“How beautiful to be able to turn aside from the noise and tumult of the streets to this quiet and holy place, where pictures speak from the walls of the heavenly life, and the very stones cry out the story of the Great Lover of the world. Art is the only Evangel of Christianity here, but Art which is so sublimed to its task, so concentrated on its high mission, that the lack of the customary services and sermons which one associates with church-going, appears as entirely fitting and proper as it is novel.”