Ramsgate Sands.  — No. 1

Ramsgate Sands. — No. 1 by George DuMaurier Punch (21 September 1867): 116.

It is Low Water — the Weather is most inviting. The Titwillow Nursemaids have gone to Bathe. The Titwillow Twins, who are of an inventive turn, have discovered the Art of Making Cheeses in the Water, and much prefer the article to Cheese on Dry Land. Mrs. T. fells like a Hen who has hatched a Brood of Ducklings.

N.B. The Fiendish-looking, Black-bearded Individual who is running to the rescue of the nearst Twin is one of Mr. T's many bosom Friends. His name is Mr. Pip. The other Rusher to the Rescue is, of course, Mr. Titwillow himself.

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