These letters graciously have been shared with the Victorian Web by Eunice and Ron Shanahan; they have been taken from their website. The letters give an insight into the daily lives and concerns of 'ordinary' people without whom history would not exist. The letters are a wonderful example of how much history may be gleaned from such sources.

Since the original letter was posted on the web, I have received the following information by e-mails

Her entry for June 15, 1825 reads as follows :- "We hear that Sir Ralph Palmer is arrived at Madras in 85 days from England and that Sir Charles Grey is appointed Chief Justice at Calcutta. Edward has written to them both to congratulate them". A footnote says: Sir R Palmer succeeded Sir Edmond Stanley as Chief Justice of Madras.

The Cator Connection

Pat Manning in Beckenham, Kent, gave information about the Cator and Bertie family members in Beckenham, and would be delighted if any further information could be sent directly to her here. The information is quite complex, but most importantly she has identified the writer 'Emma Bertie' and also the man named in the letter as 'Peter'.

Pat is trying to contact the descendants of another brother, Charles Cator,( the grandson of the first Charles Cator brother of Peter Cator of the letter), who emigrated to Australia, but who is buried in the family vault in Calcutta, India. The family line is this :-

3 December 2002