Perseus Arming

Perseus Arming

Sir Alfred Gilbert, R. A. (1854-1934)

Bronze, rich mid-brown patination, on a black marble socle

5 1/4 inches (14.5 cm.)

Gilbert made the work in three different sizes, each work modelled as a separate sculpture as opposed to being mechanically teduced, as the proportions for each work vary enormously depending on the height ofthe work, here for instaoce the young hero's sword is as long as his entire lower body aod his winged sandals are as large as his feet. This particular version is a example of the very rare smallest size. The fine finish and patina give it a jewellike quality.

Other versions

  • 29-inch version (1)
  • 29-inch version (2)
  • 14 1/4-inch version
  • Head (29-inch version)
  • Feet (29-inch version)