Queen Victoria

Sir Alfred Gilbert, R. A. (1854-1934), sculptor

Unveiled (allthough not fully completed) 1878

Bronze and gilded beaten metal

The statue is 14 ft. high x 30 ft at widest point; weight, c.2 tonnes

The Great Hall, Winchester Castle, Hampshire

Commissioned by the High Sheriff of Hampshire to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee, the statue was originally intended to be displayed in the Great Hall, and Gilbert had planned to execute it in marble (see Beattie 207). He changed the medium to bronze after learning that it would instead be located out-of-doors, on Castle Hill. After a spell there, however, it was in fact moved to the Hall in 1912. It was then unveiled for a second time. [Commentary continues below.]

Photograph © Graham Horn. Text and formatting by Jacqueline Banerjee.

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