Figures from History and Literature (4)

Figures from History and Literature (4) by Nathaniel Hitch. Location: North wall of the Great Hall, Two Temple Place, Victoria Embankment, London EC3. Architect: John Loughborough Pearson. [Click on photograph to enlarge it]

The figures depicted: Left to right: (a) Anne Boleyn (1507-36), Henry VIII's second wife and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Executed 3 years after her marriage. (b) Christopher Columbus (1446-1506). (c) Jessica, heroine of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Hitch has placed the discoverer of the new world between two woman, one real, the other fictional, involved in controversial marriages. Whereas Boleyn's starts well and ends badly, Jessica's at first results in her being disinherited but all ends happily for her.

Photograph, text, and formatting by George P. Landow. You may not use this image without written permission from Two Temple Place, which holds copyright and which provided much of the information that appears above.]

Last modified 18 November 2011