Figures from History and Literature (6)

Figures from History and Literature (7) by Nathaniel Hitch. Location: South wall of the Great Hall, Two Temple Place, Victoria Embankment, London EC3. Architect: John Loughborough Pearson. [Click on photograph to enlarge it]

The figures depicted: Left to right: (a) Queen Anne (1665-1714), daughter of the dethroned James II and ruler during the age of Pope and Swift:

Anna whom three realms obey,
Who sometimes counsel takes, and sometimes tea.
[Pope's The Rape of the Lock

(b) Cortez (1485-1547), Spanish conqueror of the Aztecs. (c) Juliet, the female protagonist of Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. (d) La Fontaine (1621-95), French writer best known for his fables. (e) Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603.)

Photograph, text, and formatting by George P. Landow. You may not use this image without written permission from Two Temple Place, which holds copyright and which provided much of the information that appears above.]

Last modified 18 November 2011