The Assumption of Mary Magdalene, by Baron Marochetti

The Assumption of Mary Magdalene by Baron Marochetti (1805-1867). 1837. Marble. Group for the High Altar of The Madeleine in Paris.

In his biographical account, Philip Ward-Jackson describes this work as "colossal" and it certainly makes an enormous impact on the observer. This is especially so when the doors of the church are open at night: the sculpture rises, luminous, at the top of the Rue Royale. For the sculptor, the tableau would most probably have had added political associations: "the identification of the Magdalen with France, not overtly stated, can hardly have been far from the sculptor's mind," writes Ward-Jackson elsewhere, explaining that the decoration of the Madeleine was originally intended to be "loaded with reference to the act of regicide" ("Expiatory Monuments," 266). This was one of Marochetti's first big commissions, given to him in 1834 as "one of the personal favourites" of the July Monarchy, the sculptor having” by then identified himself "with the self-consciously romantic school of sculpture" (Ward-Jackson, Maintaining Distinction, 179, 174).

The Interior and Exterior of the Madeleine

Left: The tableau in its setting. Right: The Madeleine. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

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