“History of England" vase,” by George Tinworth
'History of England' vase,” by George Tinworth


George Tinworth (1843-1913)


Height = 52 5/8 inches


According to the Royal Doulton Company's own website, George Tinworth' "History of England" vase was shown at the Chicago World's Fair, after which he "rose to be recognised as the most notable artist of the early Doulton period and the most comprehensively represented artist." Only two such vases seem to have been made — making them very valuable pieces. The vase is “constructed in three sections and modelled with repeated vertical scrolling foliage on the lower part of the body and above has horizontal bands of repeated over-lapping leaf bands either side of two figurative bands. The upper figurative band consists of twenty figures of British rulers applied into arched niches separated” by Ionic columns, each with incised names below them. In the central band around the waist are twenty larger figural scenes depicting various significant events in British history, each scene within an arch between double Doric columns, with incised oval panels above.” (“Doulton's George Tinworth”)

It is a stunning piece with an austere presence, which contrasts dramatically both with Tinworth's endearingly quirky miniature sculptures of mice and so on, and his emotive religious panels.