Lord Tennyson

Lord Tennyson

George Frederic Watts, R.A., 1817-1904

c. 1900

Terracotta (Kaolin clay, lightly fired)

16 inches high x 7 inches wide” by 6 ½ inches deep

Private Collection

Previously thought to be a plaster cast, this terracotta bears under the folds of the coats, the traces of original dark coloured moulding compound used in the creation of the bronze made” by Watt's assistant, Thomas Wren. This terracotta would have used as the aide-memoire for the large plaster at Compton.

Views of the large plaster model in the Watts Gallery

  • Front
  • Side
  • Two Models for the Head
  • Unvignetted Image
  • Vignetted by George P. Landow from a Photograph by the owner.