British Railways, including some Nineteenth-century Books

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Snell's beautifully illustrated volume, which Weidenfeld and Nicholson first published in 1964, is a treasure trove of images of early railroading's history and pre-history and includes not only contemporary paintings and drawings but also photographs of restored equipment, recreations, and models [GPL].

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Railway Technologies: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Lineside Structures

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The pioneering book in its field [GPL].

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Political, Economic, and Social Contexts

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A new book about one of the most famous — and infamous — figures of the railway age who served as the basis of works by Carlyle, Dickens, Trollope, and others [GPL].

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The essential book for anyone who wants to learn about the relations of Victorian railways to contemporary government, industry, finance, urban life, and so on, Kellett's volume is packed with quotations from primary sources, including parliamentary reports and contemporary periodicals; it also has valuable maps and illustrations [GPL].

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Railwaymen — the People who Designed, Built, and Ran the Railways

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