Signal Box, Havenstreet Station, Isle of Wight. Like the platform and other station buildings (apart from the shop, which is in the village's former Gas Retort House of 1886), the signal box was constructed by the Southern Railway in 1926. The station then became "the passing place for all trains between Ryde and Newport" ("The Train Ride").

Left: The signal-man operating a mechanical lever frame: the red levers are for stop signals and the black ones for points. Right: The points just outside the signal-box moving in response.

A locomotive comes into the station just after the signal-man has changed the points. (The timetable tells us that the Ivatt Class 2 NO.41298 locomotive dates from 1951, and so is more recent than some of the other locomotives here. George Ivatt [1886-1976], who designed it, was the son of Henry Ivatt [1851-1923], Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Great Northern Railway from 1896 to 1911.)

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Created 8 August 2017