Many of the inventions that dominate our lives today have roots in Victorian times. One of those is the invention of radio. A website — Radio & Wireless — Victorian Old Patents and Inventions [ /radio_patents.html] — presents, in a concise manner, milestone patents of radio and wireless pioneers that made their first steps in the Victorian era, such as Marconi, Tesla, Lodge, Stone and others. The site, which concentrates upon patents, does not include some important contributors to the field only because they didn't patent their inventions or their inventions were unpatentable. This group of men of great merit includes Heinrich Hertz, James Maxwell and others.

To avoid the unanswerable question "who invented radio" is impossible, so the site mentions some rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding the issue of the infringement of the Marconi's patents by the US army during World War I.

The 36 patents are presented in a chronological order with short descriptions and short bibliographic information.

Last modified 11 November 2009