Selected with permission from the bibliography of Reformation, Revolution and Rebirth: The Story of the Return of Catholicism to Reading and the Founding of St James' Parish by John Mullaney and Lindsay Mullaney (Reading: Scallop Shell Press, 2012), by Jacqueline Banerjee. Under "Primary Sources," the authors do not include "the hundreds of individual documents which may be found in the archives mentioned," but which are specified in the text where important. in "Secondary Sources" they include only "those works which have a direct and unique bearing on [their] researches." In the present list, sources of material used in earlier chapters have been omitted as well. For more information about the book, please visit the Scallop Shell Press website.

Primary Sources

Berkshire Records' Office, Woodley Lodge, Whebles. Various maps.

The Cowslade Manuscript. Transcribed and digitalised by Lindsay Mullaney from Archbishop King's transcription in the Portsmouth Diocesan Archives, St James' Archives.

Cowslade, Marianna, Sketch Book 1833, Reading Library.

Fletcher, William, Reading, Past and Present 1838, Reading Library.

Porstmouth Diocesan Archives: Reading boxes.

Pugin, Augustus Welby, An Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture.

______. Contrasts.

______. The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture.

Reading Mercury: Microfilm, Reading Library.

St James' Church Archives. Documents and photographs.

The Tablet, 1840.

Westminster Diocesan Archives: Reading boxes, Letters from Poynter, Griffiths, the Smarts, etc.

Secondary Sources

Atterbury, Paul, and Wainright , Clive (eds), A.W.N. Pugin: Master of Gothic Revival. New Haven 1994.

Burton, K G, The Early Newspaper Press in Berkshire, Reading Library.

Darter, William, Reminiscences of Reading by an Octogenarian, Reading Library.

Eppstein, John, History of the Faith in an English Town, Reading Library.

Fisher, Michael, Pugin-Land, M Fisher 2002.

Hadland, Tony, Thames Valley Papists, 2004.

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Leys, M.D.R., Catholics in England, The Catholic Book Club, 1961.

Mullaney, John, St. James' Catholic Church and School, St James' Archives.

Scantlebury, Robert Elliott, The Catholic Registers of Reading, St James' Archives.

Schofield, Nicholas and Skinner, Gerard, The English Vicars Apostolic, Family Publications, 2009.

Slade, Cecil, The Town of Reading and its Abbey, Local Heritage Books 2001.

Online Resources

British History Online:

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