David Rands has kindly shared with readers of the Victorian Web his site about the life and works of W. B. Rands, the prolific writer of children's literature and originator of The Boy's Own Paper. Readers may wish to consult this site for more information about this little-known figure who had an immense influence upon Victorian children. [GPL]

There is a curious boy, whose name
Is Lumpy Loggerhead;
His greatest joy is — oh, for shame,
To spend his time in bed.

They fit with gongs alarum clocks
That make your blood run chill;
And they encourage crowing cocks
Beneath his window-sill.

In vain the gongs, — his eyes are shut —
In vain the cocks do crow;
Empty on him a water-butt,
And he will say, "Hallo!"

But only in a drowsy style,
And in a second more
He sleeps — and, oh! to see him smile!
And oh! to hear him snore!

He seems to carry, all day long,
Sleep in his very shape;
And, though you may be brisk and strong,
You often want to gape

When Lumpy Loggerhead comes near,
Whose bed is all his joy.
How glad I am he is not here,
That very sleepy boy.

Last modified 21 August 2005