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The Essex Steam Train

(Click on the pictures below to obtain larger images, which take longer to download.) Photographs George P. Landow may be copied without written permission for any noncommercial use — for hobbies, education, and so on. If you have any additional information on the locomotives or rolling stock in thes pictures, please feel free to send it along to me at george@landow.com; pictures are welcome, too. GPL)

Some of Essex's Locomotives and Rollingstock

Left two: No. 97, an Americal Locomotive Company (Alco) 2-8-0 Right two: A shiny orange and black diesel marked Valley Railroad 0901.

Left: The ashpit for steam locomotives. Middle two: A shiny red metal caboose. Right: A side view of a be-curtained wood-sided caboose; a photo of its steps appears on the next line.

Left: Steps for the caboose on the line above. Left middle: Leigh New England LNE 728, a flatcar with three-board sides adapted for tourists by the additon of stadium-type board seats. Right middle: The coupler and end fittings on LNE 728. Right: a slightly rusty Union Tank Car Co. UTLX 94460.

No. 103, a Baldwin 2-6-2 built in 1925

Left: A view of No.103.e Left middle: The locomotive's number plate, which states it was Baldwin 58754 and built at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia in November 1925. Right middle: The cylinder and front wheels. Right: The drivers.

Left: I believe thuis is a side-mounted compressor. Left middle: Rear truck of the tender. Note that the watertank sits on top of a planked floor. Right middle: Three-quarter view of the bac of the tender Right: A view of the opposite end of the facilities.


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