“A series of medals is one of the best authorities that can be consulted for tho state of the arts of design of any particular period.” — 1855 Art-Journal



Gilbert Bayes

Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm

Frank Bowcher (1864-1938)

Sir Thomas Brock, K.C.B., R.A. (1847-1922)

George William De Saulles


Sir George Frampton, R.A., P.R.B.S. (1860-1928)

Sir Alfred Gilbert

Lady Feodora Gleichen


Lilian V. Hamilton

William Goscombe John

Edouard Lanteri (1848-1917)

Alphonse Legros

Frederick Lord Leighton

Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal

Sir Joseph Poynter

William Wyon


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