••• = Member of the the Guild of Women Binders

A Few Previctorian examples


Birmingham Guild of Handicraft

D. Y. Cameron

E.J. Cobden-Sanderson

Florence de Rheims•••

Frank Garrett

Captain Gladstone

Guild of Women Binders

A. Harding

L. Hay-Cooper and S. Barnard

Mrs. V. B. Hone

Constance Karslake•••

C. B. Lawrence

Eleanor Kelly

Messrs Kelly and Sons

Madame Le Lacheur

D.S. and E. M. MacColl

Francis H. Newberry

Florence Paget

John Ramage

Charles Ricketts

B. Riley, designer, and executed by J. Davidson

Riviere & Son

Mary G. Robinson

F. Sangorski

F. Sangorski and G. Sutcliffe

P.A. Savoldelli

Alfred de Sauty

Helen Scholfield •••

C. J. Sketchley and E. Gertrude Farran

G. Sutcliffe

W. G. Thomas

Joseph Zaehnsdorf

Miscellaneous Victorian and Edwardian bindings

Examples from the Continent

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