Introducing T. R. Spence as an architect, Neil Moat writes that he was also "highly respected as a decorative artist and designer, e.g. as one of the founding members of the Society of Designers (established 1896), contributing stained glass, metalwork (he became something of a specialist designer of light fittings) and decorative schemes for such varied architects as Basil Champneys (1843-1935), John McKean Brydon (1840-1901), Aston Webb (1849-1930) — with Ingress Bell (1837-1914) — and Henry T. Hare (1860-1921)" (see Thomas Ralph Spence [1845-1918]: A Biographical Introduction).

Works in Stained Glass


Moat, Neil. A Theatre for the Soul: St George's Church, Jesmond: The Building and Cultural Reception of a late-Victorian Church. Newcastle University: Doctoral thesis, 2011. Web. 18 October 2015.

created 18 October 2015