Fiction coauthored with James Rice

1872 Ready-Money Mortiboy

1873 My Little Girl

1876 The Golden Butterfly

The Case of Mr. Lucraft and Other Tales

The Son of Vulcan

1877 With Harp and Crown

Such a Good Man

1878 By Celia’s Arbour: A Tale of Portsmouth Town

The Monks of Thelema

1879 Twas in Trafalgar's Bay and Other Stories

1880 The Seamy Side: A Story

1881 The Chaplain of the Fleet

The Ten Years' Tenant and Other Stories

Fiction coauthored with Walter Herries Pollock

1885 Sir Jocelyn's Cap

Fiction written by Walter Besant alone

1882 The Revolt of Man

All Sorts and Conditions of Men

All in a Garden Fair; the Simple Story of Three Boys and a Girl

The Captains' Room

1884 Dorothy Forster

In Luck at Last

1885 Uncle Jack

1886 Children of Gibeon

1887 The World Went Very Well Then

1888 The Inner House

Herr Paulus; His Rise, His Greatness and His Fall

1889 To Call Her Mine

For Faith and Freedom

The Doubts of Dives

The Bell of St. Paul's

1890 Armorel of Lyonesse

The Demoniac

Blind Love by Wilkie Collins, completed and with preface by William Besant

The Holy Rose

1891 St. Katherine's by the Tower

1892 Verbena Camellia Stephanotis

The Ivory Gate (commentary)

1893 The Rebel Queen

1895 Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

In Deacon's Orders, and Other Stories

1896 The City of Refuge

The Master Craftsman

1897 A Fountain Sealed

1898 The Changeling

1899 The Orange Girl

1900 The Fourth Generation

1901 The Lady of Lynn

1902 A Five Years' Tryst and Other Stories


1868 Studies in Early French Poetry

1871 Jerusalem: The City of Herod and Saladin, coauthored with Edward Palmer

1873 The French Humorists from the Twelfth to the Nineteenth Century

1875 Montaigne

1877 A Book of French : Grammatical Exercises, History of the Language

1877 (Editor) The Literary Remains of C. F. T. Drake

1879 Rabelais

Constantinople: A Sketch of Its History From Its Foundation to Its Conquest by the Turks in 1453, with William Jackson Brodribb

Gaspard de Coligny

1881 Sir Richard Whittington, Lord Mayor of London. Coauthored with James Rice

The Survey of Western Palestine by C. R. Conder, Ed. E. H. Palmer and Walter Besant

1883 Readings in Rabelais

The Life and Achievements of Edward Henry Palmer. Coauthored with George Frederick Nicholl

Life in an Hospital. An East End Chapter

1884 “The Amusements of the People,” Contemporary Review

45, 342-53 “The Art of Fiction.” A Lecture Delivered at the Royal Institution

1887 "The People’s Palace," Contemporary Review51 (226-33)

1888 William Tuckwell, Art and hand work for the people, being three papers read before the Social Science Congress

by W.T., C. G. Leland, and W. Besant

The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies

Fifty Years Ago

1899 South London

1889 East London

1890 Captain Cook. English Men of Action

1892 London

1893 The History of London

The Society of Authors

1895 Twenty-One Years Work: 1865-1886. Palestine Exploration Fund Westminster

1897 The Queen’s Reign and Its Commemoration

The Rise of the Empire

1899 The Pen and the Book

1901 The Story of King Alfred

1902 Autobiography of Sir Walter Besant. With a prefatory note by S. Squire Sprigge

No Other Way

1903 As We Are and As We May Be

Essays and Historiettes

The Fascination of London

1885 Westminster. Coauthored by G. E. Mitton

The Strand District. Coauthored by G. E. Mitton

Hampstead by G.E. Mitton, edited by Walter Besant

Chelsea by G.E. Mitton, edited by Walter Besant

1902 Hampstead and Marylebone by G. E. Mitton, edited by Walter Besant

1903 Holborn and Bloomsbury. Coauthored by G. E. Mitton

The Kensington by G. E. Mitton, edited by Walter Besant

London in the Eighteenth Century

1908 Hackney and Stoke Newington. Coauthored by G. E. Mitton Hammersmith, Fulham and Putney by John Cunningham Geikie and G. E. Mitton, edited by Walter Besant

Mayfair, Belgravia, and Bayswater by G. E. Mitton, edited by Walter Besant

Shoreditch and the East End

The Survey of London, 10 volumes, 1902-1912

1903 London in the Time of the Stuarts

The Thames

1904 London in the Time of the Tudors

1906 Mediaeval London: Historical and Social

1906 Mediaeval London: Ecclesiastical

1908 Early London : Prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and Norman

1909 London in the Nineteenth Century

1910 London City

1911 North of the Thames

1912 South of the Thames


1896 The Charm and Other Drawing-room Plays. Coauthored by W. Pollock


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