Sonnets of Three Centuries (edited), 1882

Recollections of Rosetti, 1882

Cobwebs of Criticism, 1883

She's All the World to Me, 1885

The Shadow of a Crime, 1885

A Son of Hagar, 1886

The Deemster, 1887

The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1887

The Bondman, 1890

The Scapegoat, 1890

Cap'n Davey's Honeymoon, 1893

The Manxman, 1894

The Christian,1897)

The Eternal City, 1901

The Prodigal Son, 1904

The White Prophet, 1909

King Edward: A Pen Portrait, 1910

The Woman Thou Gavest Me, 1913

King Albert's Book (edited), 1914

The Drama of 365 Days, 1915

Our Girls, Their Work for War, 1916

The Master of Man, 1921

The Woman of Knockaloe, 1923

Life of Christ, published posthumously by his two sons in 1938.

Hall Caine

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