Much of Conrad's fiction was originally published in British and American periodicals, particularly literary magazines: title, serial, dates (as given by Frederick R. Karl in A Reader's Guide to Joseph Conrad) "The Idiots" in Arthur Symons' Savoy (October, 1896): Conrad's first magazine appearance.

"The Lagoon" in Cornhill ,Vol. II (January, 1897).

"A Victim of Progress" (later titled "An Outpost of Progress") in Cosmopolis ,Vols. VI-VII (June-July, 1897).

The Children of the Sea (The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' ) in Heinemann's New Review , Vol. XVI (August-December, 1897).

"Karain" in Blackwood's Magazine, Vol. CLXII (November, 1897).

"Youth" in Blackwood's Magazine, Vol. CLXIV (September, 1898).

The Heart of Darkness in Blackwood's Magazine ,Vol. CLXV (February, March, and April,1899).

Lord Jim in Blackwood's Magazine ,Vol. CLXVI (October 1899-November, 1900).

"Amy Foster" in The Illustrated London News ,Vol. CXIX (14, 21, 28 December, 1901).

Typhoon in the Pall Mall Magazine, Vol. XXVI (January-March, 1902).

"The End of the Tether" in Blackwood's Magazine, Vol. CLXXII (July-Dec., 1902).

"Tomorrow" in the Pall Mall Magazine ,Vol. XXVII (August, 1902).

Nostrom in T. P.'s Weekly, Vol. III-IV, (29 January-7 October, 1904).

"Gaspar Ruiz" in the Pall Mall Magazine (July-October, 1906).

"An Anarchist" in Harper's Monthly (August, 1906).

The Secret Agent in Ridgeway's Militant Weekly ,Vol. I (6 Oct.-15 Dec., 1906).

"The Brute" in The Daily Chronicle (5 December, 1906).

"The Informer" in Harper's Magazine (December, 1906).

"A Point of Honor" (later, "The Duel") in The Pall Mall Magazine (Jan.-May, 1908).

"The Black Mate" in the London Magazine (April, 1908).

" Il Conde" in Cassell's Magazine (August, 1908).

Some Reminiscences (later called A Personal Record) in Ford's English Review, Vol. I and II (December, 1908-June, 1909).

"The Secret Sharer" in Harper's Magazine (August-September, 1910).

Under Western Eyes in The English Review, Vol. VII-IX (Dec., 1910-Oct., 1911).

"The Smile of Fortune" in The London Magazine (February, 1911).

"The Partner" in Harper's Magazine Vol. CXXIII (November, 1911).

"The Aristocrat" (later called "Prince Roman") in the New York Metropolitan (January, 1912) and in the Oxford and Cambridge Review.

Chance in The New York Herald (January 21-June 30, 1912).

"Freya of the Seven Isles" in the New York Metropolitan (April, 1912).

"The Inn of the Two Witches" in the New York Metropolitan, Vol. XXXVIII (May, 1913) and the Pall Mall Magazine(1913).

"Tomorrow" in The English Review, Vol. XV (August, 1913).

"The Planter of Malata" in the New York Metropolitan, Vol. XL (June-July, 1914).

"Laughing Anne" (later called "Because of the Dollars") in the New York Metropolitan, Vol. XL (September, 1914).

Victory in Munsey's Magazine, New York, Vol. LIV (February 1915), pp. 112-240; and in the London Star (24 August-9 November, 1915) in Great Britain.

The Shadow-Line in The English Review, Vol. VII, VIII, IX (Sept., 1916-March, 1917).

The Laugh (later called The Arrow of Gold) in Lloyd's Magazine (December, 1918-February, 1920).

The Rescue in Land and Water (30 Jan.-31 July, 1919) and in Romance (Nov., 1919-May, 1920) in the United States (originally intended for the Illustrated London News, 1899).

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