[From Farningham's Harvest Gleanings (London: James Clarke, 1903), 43.]

We come from the fog-laded streets of the city,
From wide, windy spaces where the cold has no pity.
From close, darkened room, or from bleak hill and moor,
To thankfully enter the welcoming door-
And God bless our home!

We come from the fights and the races of life,
From the fierce din of voices, the conflict and strife,
From the tempests of words that are thundering loud,
From the riot, unquiet and stress of the crowd-
And God bless our home!

O snug little nest in a shelter so cheery,
O place of sweet rest for the troubled and weary,
Each day has its Sabbath of prayer and of psalm,
Where the Church in the house is kept sacred and calm-
So God bless our home!

No spot is so dear to the heart, nor is any
Ignored by so few, or beloved by so many,
Where dear eyes smile on us, and kind voices speak,
There find we the pledge of the heaven we seek-
And God bless our home!

Yes, God give the home His abundant good blessing,
God shelter its roof from all evil distressing,
And grant to its inmates the spirit of love
Which rules in the Home of our Father above-
And God bless our home!

God make us unselfish, devoted and dutiful,
Meek, merry, kindly, wise, tender and beautiful,
And not only here where we offer our prayer,
But Himself love our home and abide with us there-
And so God bless our home!

Last modified 10 September 2008