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The Broken Hearts (1823)

Theresa Marchmont, or the Maid of Honour (1824) [E-text at Project Gutenberg]

The Bond: A Dramatic Poem (1824)

Richelieu, or the Broken Heart (1826)

The Lettre de Cachet: A Tale (1827)

The Reign of Terror: A Tale (1827)

Hungarian Tales (1829)

Romances of Real Life (1829)

Women as They Are, or The Manners of The Day (1830)

The Historical Traveller (1831)

The School for Coquettes (1831)

Pin Money: A Novel (1831)

The Tuileries: A Tale (1831)

Mothers and Daughters: A Tale of the Year 1830 (1831)

The Opera: A Novel (1832)

The Fair of Mayfair (1832)

The Sketchbook of Fashion (1833)

Polish Tales (1833)

The Hamiltons, or the New Era (1834)

The Maid of Crossey, King O'neil, and The Queen's Champion (1835)

The Diary of a Desennuyee (1836)

Mrs. Armytage, or Female Domination (1836)

Stokeshill Place, or The Man of Business (1837)

The Rose Fancier's Manual (1838)

Mary Raymond and Other Tales (1838)

The Woman of the World (1838)

The Cabinet Minister (1839)

The Courtier of the Days of Charles II, with other Tales (1839)

A Good Night's Rest (1839)

Dacre of the South, or the Olden Time: A Drama (1840)

The Dowager, or the New School for Scandal (1840)

Preferment, or My Uncle the Earl (1840)

The Abbey and Other Tales (1840)

Greville, or a Season in Paris (1841)

Cecil, or Adventures of a Coxcomb (1841)

Cecil, A Peer (1841)

Paris in 1841 (1842)

The Man of Fortune and Other Tales (1842)

The Ambassador's Wife (1842)

The Moneylender (1843)

Modern Chivalry, or a New Orlando Furiso (1843)

The Banker's Wife, or Court and City (1843)

Agathonia: A Romance (1844)

Marrying for Money (in Omnibus of Modern Romance, 1844)

The Birthright and Other Tales (1844)

Quid per Quo, or the Day of The Dupes, a Comedy (1844)

The Popular Member: The Wheel of Fortune (1844)

Self (1845)

The Story of a Royal Favourite (1845)

The Snowstorm: A Christmas Story (1845)

Peers and Parvenus: A Novel (1846)

New Year's Day: A Winter's Tale (1846)

Men of Capital (1846)

The Debutante, or The London Season (1846)

Sketches of English Character (1846)

Castles in The Air: A Novel (1847)

Temptation and Atonement and Other Tales (1847)

The Inundation, or Pardon and Peace: A Christmas Story (1847)

The Diamond and the Pearl: A Novel (1849)

Adventures in Borneo (1849)

The Dean's Daughter, or The Days We Live In (1853)

The Lost Son: A Winter's Tale (1854)

Transmutation, or The Lord and the Lost (1854)

Progress and Prejudice (1854)

Mammon, or The Hardships of an Heiress (1855)

A Life's Lessons: A Novel (1856)

The Two Aristocracies: A Novel (1857)

Heckington: A Novel (1858)

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