[Dominic Carlone has kindly shared Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom, his elegantly designed Hallam site at the University of Windsor (from which this document comes), with readers of the Victorian Web.]

A melancholy thought had laid me low;
     A thought of self-desertion, and the death
     Of feelings wont with my heart's blood to flow,
     And feed the inner soul with purest breath.
The idle busy star of daily life,
     Base passions, haughty doubts, and selfish fears,
     Have withered up my being in a strife
     Unkind, and dried the source of human tears.
One evening I went forth, and stood alone
     With Nature: moon there was not, nor the light
     Of any star in heaven: yet from the sight
Of that dim nightfall better hope hath grown
     Upon my spirit, and from those cedars high
     Solemnly changeless, as the very sky.

Last modified 8 April 2000.