[Dominic Carlone has kindly shared Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom, his elegantly designed Hallam site at the University of Windsor (from which this document comes), with readers of the Victorian Web.]

Still here--thou hast not faded from my sight,
     Nor all the music round thee from mine ear:
     Still grace flows from thee to the brightening year,
     And all the birds laugh out in wealthier light.
Still am I free to close my happy eyes,
     And paint upon the gloom thy mimic form,
     That soft white neck, that cheek in beauty warm,
     And brow half hidden where yon ringlet lies;
With, oh! the blissful knowledge all the while
     That I can lift at will each curvèd lid,
     And my fair dream most highly realise.
The time will come, 'tis ushered by my sighs,
     When I may shape the dark, but vainly bid
     True light restore that form, those looks, that smile.

Last modified 8 April 2000.