Articles that appeared next to Hardy's "The Oxen" in The Times of [London] 24 December 1915

Agricola. "Supply of Fertilizers. The Farmers' Demand."

Beck, L. Adams. "My Dear Mr. Pugstyles."

"Christmas Map for German Homes."

"The Government Reply."

Hardy, Thomas. "The Oxen."

"Last Debate of 1915. National Use of Shipping. Trade After War. Speeches to the Press Gallery."

Lee-Elliott, D. L. "Hymns for Time of War."

London, A. F. "Drink or War Loan? A Suggestion for the New Year."

"Lord R. Cecil on the Foreign Office."

M., P. W. "Government Freight Rates."

"Mr. Balfour on Transport."

"No Delay."

"The Second War Christmas."

"Sir Ernest Cassel. Another Magnificent Gift."

Wallace, Roger W. "To The Editor of The Times." [Re. Holland's importation of sulphate of ammonia which could be converted by Germany into nitric acid for the manufacture of explosives]

Williams, Lawrence. "Married Soldiers and Saving."

Zettersten, Louis. "Swedish Imports" [which previously had gone through German ports].

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