decorated initial there is is hardly anything in which mankind is so thoughtless, so servile, and, as regards ideas, so poverty-stricken, as in ornamentation. Therein the imitative nature of the monkey comes out strongly in man: But, perhaps, the death blow was given to beauty and variety of ornament when once the system of moulding was invented. This, of course, suits men's indolence, as similar ornaments, if ornaments they can be called, may be turned out by the thousand with but little trouble and at small expense. [38]


[Helps, Sir Arthur]. Brevia: Short Essays and Aphorisms by the Author of “Friends in Council”. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1871. The reverse of the title page has the following: “Chiswick Press: — printed by Whittingham and Wilkins, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane [London].”

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