1865         Born in Bombay, where his father was a Professor of Architectural Sculpture at the Bombay School of Art.

1870         Rudyard and his younger sister are taken to England by his parents and placed in Calvinistic foster home were he is nagged, bullied and beaten.

1876         Rudyard's mother returns to England and discovers the mistreatment that her children had endured. Rudyard is removed from the foster home and he is sent to a private school called the United Services College.

1881        Schoolboy Lyrics published.

1882         Rudyard leaves school to return to India. His father, who was then the curator of the museum at Lahore, gets him a job as assistant editor of the English paper, The Civil and Military Gazette, which was published in that city.

1886        Departmental Ditties is published.

1887         After five years as sub-editor of the Civil and Military Gazette, Rudyard is sent to Allahabad, several hundred miles to the south, to work on the much more important sister-paper, The Pioneer. The proprietors were starting a weekly edition for home, and he was given the editorship. He publishes Soldier Tales, Indian Tales, and Tales of the Opposite Sex. Among them were such powerful and grusome stories as The Mark of the Beast and The Return of Imray.

1888         Publishes Plain Tales from the Hills his first work which explores the psychological and moral problems of the Anglo-Indians and their relationship with the people they had colonized. Also published are: Soldiers Three, The Story of the Gadsbys, In Black and White, Wee Wee Willie Winkie and Turn overs from "The Civil and Military Gazette"

1889         Rudyard leaves India for England and settles down in Villiers Street, Strand.

1890         The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories and The City of Dreadful Night are published.

1891        The Light that Failed, Letters of Marque and Life's Handicap are published.

1892        Barrack-Room Ballads, Rhymed Chapter Headings and The Naulahka are published. Rudyard marries Carolyn Balestier, the sister of Wolcott Balestier, who is an American. Because of his health breaking down, Rudyard and his wife settle down in Brattleboro, Vermont where his wife's family had long been established.

1893        Many Inventions is published.

1894        The Jungle Book is published.

1895        The Second Jungle Book is published.

1896        The Seven Seas and Soldier Tales is published.

1897        After a violent arguement with his in-laws, Rudyard and his wife move back to England and settles on a country estate. Captains Courageous is published.

1898        An Almanac of Twelve Sports,The Day's Work and A Fleet in Being are published.

1899         Rudyard goes to South Africa, in the midst of the defeats of the Boer War. His eldest daughter Josephine dies of measles. Stalky and Co. and From Sea to Sea are published.

1900        The Kipling Reader is published.

1901        Kim and War's Brighter Side are published.

1902        Just So Stories is published.

1903        The Five Nations is published.

1904        Traffics and Discoveries is published.

1906        Puck of Pook's Hill is published.

1907        Collected Verse is published. Rudyard Kipling becomes the first English author to recieve the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1909        Actions and Reactions is published.

1910        Rewards and Fairies is published.

1911        A History of England is published.

1912        Collected Verse (British edition) and ,Songs from Books is published.

1914         Rudyard emerges from seclusion as the official writer-up of the new armed forces of the Crown.

1915        The New Army in Training and France in War are published. "Mary Postgate."

1916         Rudyard's son is killed with the Irish Guards. Sea Warfare is published.

1917        A Diversity of Creatures is published.

1919        The Graves of the Fallen and The Years Between are published.

1920        Horace Odes, Book V and Letters of Travel are published.

1923         Elected Lord Rector of St. Andrews University. The Irish Guards in the Great War and Land and Sea are published.

1924        Songs for Youth is published.

1926        Sea and Sussex and Debits and Credits are published.

1927        Songs of the Sea is published.

1928        A Book of Words is published.

1929        Poems, 1886-1929 is published.

1930        Thy Servant A Dog is published.

1932        Limits and Renewals is published.

1934        Collected Dog Stories is published.

1936        January 18th Rudyard Kipling dies of a perforated duodenum.

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