Now, some one hundred and thirty years after if was first privately published, this unique text is undergoing a reincarnation as an 'audiofilm' (an audio book scored in the manner of a film). What was the work of a lifetime for 'Walter' has now become the work of a lifetime for composer Dominic Crawford Collins, who is narrating, scoring and producing the complete unabridged one-hundred-and-eighty-four chapters of which the eleven volumes consist. The full text and audio recordings are available on his website

The Music for the Audiofilm

My score for My Secret Life draws its inspiration from a desire to capture the spirit of the man and evoke the era in which he lived; to communicate the emotional depth of Walter's encounters through music, and to give voice to those long dead characters that he met along the way, through the magical marriage of storytelling and sound. My enduring passion for this extraordinary work reflects a burning personal ambition to create something of lasting value and by enhancing the dramatic narrative with my music, to have created a legacy that will entertain and engage an audience for years to come.

Last modified 7 August 2017