1829 The Sorrows of Rosalie: A Tale with Other Poems

1830 The Undying One and Other Poems

1832-4 Poems and Sketches in The Court Magazine and La Belle Assembl�e

1833 Poems

1834-5 Poems in The English Annual

1836 A Voice from the Factories Poems in The Keepsake

1840 The Dream, and Other Poems

1845 The Child of the Islands

1846-9 Poems in Fisher's Drawing-Room Scrap-Book

1847 Aunt Carry's Ballads for Children

1859 The Centenary Festival

1861-75 Poems and sketches in Macmillan's Magazine

1862 The Lady of La Garaye

1865 "Crippled Jane" in Home Thoughts & Home Scenes

undated Bingen on the Rhine. Copyrighted 1883 by Porter & Coates, Philadelphia


1820? The Dandies Rout, by Catherine Sheridan and Helen Sheridan

1835 The Wife, and Woman's Reward

The Coquette and Other Tales and Sketches, in Prose and Verse.

1851 Stuart of Dunleath: A Story of Modern Times (late-Victorian commentary)

1852 Altamont, Or Charity Sister

1863 Lost and Saved (late-Victorian commentary)

1867 Old Sir Douglas


1830 The Gypsy Father

Vathek(based on the novel by William Beckford)

Polemical pamphlets

1837 Observations on the Natural Claim of a Mother to the Custody of her Children as affected by the Common Law Right of the Father

1838 Separation of Mother and Child by the Laws of Custody of Infants Considered

1839 A Plain Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Infant Custody Bill

1848 Letters to the Mob

1854 English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century

1855 A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranworth's Marriage & Divorce Bill

1857 A Review of the Divorce Bill of 1856, with propositions for an amendment of the laws affecting married persons


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