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Cawnpore November "th"8, 1857

Cawnpore letter page 1

Dear Mother it is with great pleasure that I write you this few lines hoping it may find you all in good health as it leaves me at present thank God for it but I have had many narrow Escaps since I left Culcutta / we left Culcutta on the 26 of September and then we Came as far as Alahabad / that is bout 5 hundred mils by bullick train and then e had to walk the rest / to you that is 120 mils further / and last Saturday we herd that the Enemy ware in front of us / and on Saturday we marcht 24 miles / and on Sunday morning we Startead again at 5 Oclock in purecout [pursuit] of the Enemy in the jungle / and we came up with them about 2 Oclock in the afternonn after marching 28 mils that morning / and then the action began / the balls flew about my head lik an ale [hail] Storm / and we peaperd [peppered] it into them as weel [well] / when the action began we ware onely 650 of us altogether with 2 brass Canons / and the Enemy ware 4000 of them and had 3 brass Cannons / and battel began about 2 in the affternoon and it Ended about 5 in the Evening when we drove them Clean out of the place and took thare 3 Canons from them and a lot of horses and difrent [different] outher things / altogether we had 27 kild and 63 wounded and the Enemy had 528 kild and 12 hunderd wounded / in our company we had 1 Man kild and 5 wounded / our Cawnpore letter page 2 Captain ware shot through both thighs but he is geting better again / the name of the place whare the battel ware fought ware Khugaa [?] / but I am happy to tell you that I Came off without a Scratch thank god for it is an afful [awful] thing to go over the battel fild [field] after it is over but I am hapy to think I have had a look at the vilens [villains] to Reveng my poor Countery men that has been so barbesely [barbarously] murderd by them / there is not a uripean [European] dweling nor a Church in the hole [whole] Countery but whas has been Entirely Destroyed / and whare we are now is whare they took all the poor women Cawnpore letter page 3 and Children ware taken and most barbesely murderd / to the same place we have Erected a galis [gallows?] and thare is 3 only hung thare Every Day what they tak [take] prisiners [prisoners] / we are going further up the Countery in a day or so to Lucknow with Sur Colen Cambel [Sir Colin Campbell] / and when that is take it will Soon be over / it is moor [more] than pen Can do to Describe it all but I hope I Shall live to Come home and then I Shall be abel [able] to tell you all about it / I have never recivead [received] any letter from you yet but I hope you are all well / I Supos [suppose] you have heard all about the war eer Since It began / I hope I Shall Come home and See you all yet but if I am Kild I hope we shall all meat [meet] aogain [again] in Heaven it will be in defence of my queen and Countery / and now I don't think I have aney [any] thing to Say at present So I must Conclude with my love to all and I Remain your Ever Affictonate [affectionate] Son

Wm Pugsley

I will Rite again Soon

Good by Good {God] bless / you all

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