In response to a request for a biographical sketch to link to his multi-part essay on Jane Eyre and the Book of Common Prayer, Peter Bolt sent along the summary of his "various meanderings in the river of life":

Left school (Grammar school, Alcester; Warwickshire, approx 5 miles from here) at 16 and thus ended my formal education for the next 40 yrs. I served with Her Majesty's Forces (Army) 1956 to 65 including Berlin, Aden, Persian Gulf, Ipoh Seremban, Borneo, and Malaysia during the 1964/65 confrontation. Alas only 10 days in Singapore [where your webmaster is at the moment this was written] -- Nee Soon Transit Camp.

I was in the Metropolitan Police 1965 to 86, retiring as Detective Inspector, after which I worked in a local factory (Stratford on Avon) from 1988 to 1993; made redundant at 55 years and been unable to get full-time work ever since.

Paid my own expenses for 1 year A-Level course at local FE college, North East Worchester College. That's where I meet Jane Eyre. Passed both subjects English and History B & C. I took my first English paper almost exactly 40 years to the day of taking my English O-Level paper.

Now work part time as factory cleaner

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