Karoline Leach was born in Liverpool, UK. She worked in the theatre as both actress and director. Her first full-length play, Mr. Love opened at the Comedy Theatre, in London's West End, at the end of 1997, with Paul Nicholas in the title role.

She began researching the life of Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson for an intended screenplay. In the course of her work, she stumbled upon the now quite well-publicised "cut pages in diary: document that shed new light on one of the most famous mysteries of Dodgson's life. This discovery and the other puzzles and enigmas surrounding the subject, made her question why his life has become so thickly encrusted with spurious "biography" and with myth.

In an attempt to find some answers she put aside, the screenplay, and began work on what was to become her first book - In the Shadow of the Dreamchild. Published earlier this year, it offers the first radical re-evaluation of Lewis Carroll's life, in more than a century.

Ms. Leach, who may be contacted at contrariwise@lookingforlewiscarroll.com, has recently (2003) created a site devoted to an extensive analysis of the "Carroll myth." Its URL is: www.lookingforlewiscarroll.com.

5 December 203