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TitleDate First Performed noComplete Recordings Excerpts
I Rivale di se Stessi1830 no no
Elfrieda1840 [never performed] no no
L' Etoile de Seville 1845 no no
Un Avvertimento di Gelosi 1831 no no
Keolanthe/The Unearthly Bride1841 no no
The Bondman 1846 no no
Enrico IV al passo del Marno 1833 no no
Le Puits d'Amour 1843 no no
The Maid of Honour 1847 no no
Siege of Rochelle 1835yes no
Geraldine/The Lover's Well 1843 no no
The Sicilian Bride1852 no no
The Maid of Artois 1836yes no
The Bohemian Girl1843 no yes
The Devil's in it 1852 no no
Catherine Grey1837 no no
La Zingara (Bohemian Girl)1854 no no
Letty, the Basket Market 1852 no no
Caractus 1837 no no
Le quatre fils Aymon 1843 no no
Lo Scudiero1854 no no
Joan of Arc1837 no no
The Castle of Aymon 1844 no no
Pittore e Duca 1854 no no
Diadeste/The Veiled Lady 1838 no no
The Daughter of St. Mark 1844 no yes
Moro, Painter of Antwerp 1882 no no
Falstaff1838 no no
The Enchantress1845 no no
The Rose of Castile 1857 no yes
Satanella/The Power of Love1858 no yes
Bianca, the Bravo's Bride 1860 no no
The Puritan's Daughter1861yes no
The Armourer of Nantes 1863 no no
Blanche de Nevers 1863 no no
The Sleeping Queen [Cantata]1864 no no
Il Talismano 1874yes no
Knight of the Leopard 1874 no no

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