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Balfe's operas were sung by some of the most distinguished international vocalists of the nineteenth century:

British, Irish, and American singers of the period who performed Balfe's works

Sims Reeves, Charles Santley, Clara Louise Kellog, Louisa Pyne, Lucy Escott, Mary Ann Paton-Wood, Charlotte Birch, Anna Bishop, Rosalie Durand, William Harrison, Elizabeth Poole, Jane Shirreff, Leslie Crotty, Anne Thillon, P. Parepa-Rosa, Tom Karl, John Templeton, W. H. Weiss, Alwina Valleria, Edward Seguin, Georgina Hodson, Elizabeth Rainforth, Rebecca Isaacs, Emma Romer, Victorie Balfe, Henry Phillips, T. Aynsley Cook, Barton McGuckin, Joseph O' Mara, and even the composer, Michael W. Balfe sang principal baritone roles in two of his own operas in London!

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