The Old Gaiety Theatre in 1901


The front of the marquee shows that the theatre, which was demolished in 1903, was showing The Toreador, the final musical comedy performed there.

Why an American flag? It might indicate that the billiard tables are of American size, and designed for the larger-sized billiard balls. They would not be advertising billiard tables and meaning pool tables, because billiard tables don't have pockets. The Strand was America friendly, of course. The Savoy Hotel opened its American bar in the late 1890s, I think. You'd have to check that (or check it out in prson--it's still going today!). I'm sure Romano's, the Ilatian restauramt a few doors down from the Gaiety, opened its American Bar around 1903 (that one disappeared around 1948). An American Bar meant cocktails were served, and the Strand was the place to drink them, as you well know, I'm sure! — Derek B. Scott

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  • A view of the theatre when The Shop Girl was playing
  • British Musical Comedy in the 1890s: Modernity without Modernism.”
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