Biographical Introduction

Bough, the “son of a shoemaker, worked as a theatre scenery painter in Manchester and Glasgow. Encouraged by James Macnee to take up painting. In Glasgow 1848-1855; often worked with Alexander Fraser in Cadzow Forest. Moved to Edinburgh, elected ARSA, and in 1875 RSA. Exhibited 15 works at the Royal Academy 1856-76. Subjects chiefly Scottish or north of England. Bough's early style is minute and detailed; after 1860, his handling became broader and more confident. Caw praises his “feeling for air and atmosphere and movement, and for broad and scenic effects" but warns that his works are at times “deficient in intimacy of sentiment and depth of feeling". Bough was also a good watercolourist. Often signed SB in monogram.” — Christopher Wood



Wood, Christopher. Research by Christopher Newall. The Dictionary of Victorian Painters. 2nd ed. Woodbridge: Antique Collector’s Club, 1978.

Last modified 21 April 2021