John Collier (1850–1934)


Oil on canvas

Collection: Guildhall Art Gallery, London. No. 577. Presented by Mrs. Mary Harrison, 1893.

“Clytemnestra was the wife of Agamemnon, commander of the Greek forced which besieged Troy after the abduction of Helen. Before leaving, Agamemnon sacrificed their youngest daughter Iphigenia to ensure a fabourable wind fot his fleet. When he returned with Cassandra, the captured daughter of King Priam of Troy, Clytemnestra murdered them both in revenge.”

“The dramatic image reflects Collier's interest in the theatre. He shows Clytemnestra with blood-spattered garments, moments after the murder.” — Guildhall Art Gallery

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Photograph and formatting by George P. Landow.

Reproduced courtesy of the Guildhall Art Gallery, which retains copyright.