Ornaments from Rouen, St. Lô, and Venice

John Ruskin

R. P. Cuff, engraver


6 7/8 x 4 5.32 inches

Plate I, The Seven Lamps of Architecture in Works, 8.16

According to the "Index to the Plates" (8.xvi), this plate refers to the following pages:

  1. Niche from the central gate of Rouen (pp. 52, 123)
  2. (a) Flower work from the transepts of Rouen (pp. 133, 173)
    (b) Flower work from the South door of (p. 133)
    (c) Flower work from Caudebec (p. 133)
  3. Ball with Flower work from the architrave of the central gate of St. Mark's, Venice (p. 121)
  4. Finial of the pediment gven in Plate II, from the Cathedral of St. Lô beside it, a natural group of thistle-leaves. (p. 122)

Scanned image and text by George P. Landow

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