Fragments from Abbeville, Lucca, Venice and Pisa

John Ruskin

R. P. Cuff, engraver


7 3/16 x 4 5/32 inches

Plate XII, The Seven Lamps of Architecture in Works, 8.199

As the "Index to the Plates" (8.xvii) points out, this plate refers to the following pages:

  1. Pillar and spandrel from a panel decoration under the pulpit of St. Mark's, Venice (p. 199)
  2. Patterns on the columns of San Michele, Lucca (p. 183)
  3. Window in the towers of Abbeville (p. 211)
  4. Arch Mouldings on the pulpit of St. Andrea at Pistoja, by Niccolò Pisano (p. 200)
  5. An example of vertical proportion from the flower stem of the Alisma Plantago (p. 168)
  6. Section of joint in the same (p. 169)
  7. Square Panelling from the arches of the Cathedral of Pisa (pp. 111, 145)
  8. Pattern of the arabesque on the blacony shown in Plate XI (p. 175)

Scanned image and text by George P. Landow

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