Intersectional Mouldings

John Ruskin

R. P. Cuff, engraver


6 7/8 x 4 1/2 inches

Plate IV, The Seven Lamps of Architecture in Works, 8.96

  1. Junction of the mouldings of the Gable and Vertical, in the window of the Spire of Salisbury (p. 94)
  2. From a flying buttress in the apse of St. Gervais at Falaise (p. 97)
  3. Half of the head of a door in the Stasthaus of Suresee (p. 97)
  4. Example of Dovetailing, from the Lintel of the lateral door of the Cathedral of Prato (p. 70)
  5. Detail of Fig. 4 (p. 7l)
  6. Example of dexterity in the filling of sections, from the west gate of Rouen (p. 95)
  7. Another example, from the same (p. 96)
  8. Junction of the circles of the Window of the Palazzo Foscari, Venice (see Plate VIII.), (pp. 94, l66)

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Scanned image and text by George P. Landow

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