It is proposed to raise by Subscription, and to present to I. K. Brunel, Esq. a Testimonial of the cordial esteem and admiration entertained of his great talent, integrity, and zeal, in the execution of the important Works in which he has been professionally engaged, and upon which it must be needless here to enlarge.

It is designed that the Present should consist of a Service of Plate, commensurate with the amount of Subscription, and it would seem best to accord with the object of testifying to Mr. Brunel the general sense of his eminent services to the Public, as well as to his Employers in the professional capacity of a Civil Engineer, that the Subscription should not exceed Ten Guineas from each person. Those who may be willing to unite in paying this wellmerited tribute to Mr. Brunel, are requested to transmit their Names and Subscriptions to either of the undermentioned Gentlemen, who have formed themselves into a Provisional Committee for carrying the proposal into effect, and will be glad to associate any other Subscribers with themselves for the same purpose.

It is also requested that the earliest intimation of persons desirous of subscribing may be communicated, in order that the Testimonial may be presented with the least possible delay, of which due notice will be given to each Subscriber. The amount of Subscription may also be paid to the credit of the Committee, at the bank of Messrs. Glyn, Hallifax, and Co., Lombard-street, London, or be remitted to them through any Bank in the country.

Letters or communications for the Committee may be addressed to Charles Russell, Esq., M.P., No. 27, Charlesstreet, St. James's, London.

Provisional Committee. The Viscount Barrington, M.P. Raymond Cripps, Esq. E. Divett, Esq., M. P. James Gibbs, Esq. W. G. Hayter, Esq., M.P. W. H. Hyett, Esq. P. W. S. Miles, Esq., M.P. P. Miller, Esq., M.D. Charles Russell, Esq., M.P. Frederick Ricketts, Esq. Robert Bayly, Jun., Esq. C. F. Sage. Esq. Robert Bright, Esq. Vincent Stuckey, Esq. Amount already received, 1,315l. 16s.

The names of Subscribers will appear in a future advertisement. 5th March, 1842.

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