[This chronology is based chiefly upon the timeline in the exhibition catalogue described in "References" below. George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art, Brown University.]

1800Jewish population 15,000, concentrated in London
1810Minute books of three major Ashenazi synagogues first written in English.
1819Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe introduces positive Jew characters
1820sEarliest aesthetic reforms in synagogues
1831T. B. Macaulay supports removal of Jewish disabilities
1835Jews receive right to vote
1835Government recognizes Board of Deputies of British Jews as representing Jews
1837Moses Montefiore knighted
1837Dickens's Oliver Twist includes Fagin, typical antisemitic Jewish caricature
1847Disputes over seating Lionel de Rothschild in Parliament
1850sJewish population about 35,000
1857Sir David Salomons elected Lord Mayor of London
1858Lionel de Rothschild seated in Parliament
1858W. Holman Hunt publishes pamphlet attacking attempts to convert Jews in Palestine
1864Dickens's Our Mutual Friend presents positive Jewish character
1868Benjamin Disraeli, a convert to Anglicanism, becomes Prime Minister
1871Eight Jews in Parliament
1871Jews eligible for Oxford and Cambridge fellowships
1883Nathaniel de Rothschild elevated to peerage
1890sJewish Historical Society founded
1892Israel Zangwill publishes Children of the Ghetto
1900sJewish population around 180,000
1902Claude Montefiore establishes Jewish Reform Union
1905Aliens Act restricts Jewish immigration
1909Herbert Samuel becomes cabinet minister

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The Emergence of Jewish Artists in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Exhibition Catalogue. Ed. Susan Tumarkin Goodman. London: Merrell; New York: Jewish Museum, 2001.

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