In the nineteenth century, science and medicine grew ever closer as advances in scientific knowledge were applied to medical practice with increasing success. The modernization of medicine proved, in turn, a resource for writers who found in the confluence of science and medicine rich material for wider reflection. In 1885, the physician C. S. Hall flattered readers of British Medical Journal by describing the convergence of science and medicine in grandly progressive terms:

The open book of nature is ever before us, and we gladly welcome all science, all knowledge, and all truth. It is fortunate for mankind that the science of health and healing is gradually becoming more complete, and more potent for good. Medical men are thus enabled to teach and to carry out the laws of health. Thus do they help to make men happier, because they assist to make them healthier. Nor do they limit themselves to these, their especial duties; but it may honestly, and truthfully, be said, that they are ready to join in every effort for the advancement of science, the comfort and happiness of those about them, and the good of mankind at large. ["Abstract of an Address on The Aspect of Medicine as a Profession, and on the Training and Work of Medical Men." British Medical Journal (July 18, 1885): 94.]

The following reviews look at books that examine the extent to which that convergence actually occurred. — Diane Greco Josefowicz


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